250,000 Reasons Crypto is Money

Help elect the "Crypto Candidate for Congress"

Brian Forde, former Obama Senior Advisor who wrote the White House memo on crypto, and started MIT’s research lab on crypto, is running for Congress. His election is in -1574 days and we need to support him so that we have a crypto-saavy member of Congress!

Brian was dubbed the "Crypto Candidate for Congress" by Bloomberg Businessweek and was named one of the "10 most influential people in Bitcoin and Blockchain" by Coindesk.

Why's this so important?

Brian's opponent called our crypto donors "speculators opposed to cracking down on drug deals and human trafficking" — this is the problem with Congress: too many lawyers, not enough technologists.

Support our campaign by helping us raise $250,000 USD in crypto to elect Brian and make sure we have a member of Congress who understands and supports a viable future in cryptocurrency!

$155,577 of $250,000 goal

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Brian Forde Candidate for Congress (CA-45)
A former tech entrepreneur who brought low-cost phone and internet service to the rural poor of Nicaragua, Brian served as a Senior Tech Advisor in the Obama White House and started the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT.